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About San Luis Obispo High School, its Staff and its Students

About San Luis Obispo High School

IMG_9260San Luis Obispo High School annually ranks among the top academic high schools in California. In addition to a challenging core academic program, SLOHS also offers a wide array of elective classes designed to help students prepare for their chosen career paths while still in high school. Our skilled teachers, motivated students and supportive parents guarantee that San Luis Obispo High School will continue to excel now and in the future.

Students at SLOHS also enjoy a multitude of athletic, extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Committed to the health and well being of the whole child, SLOHS provides extensive counseling services that help meet the social and emotional needs of our students. San Luis Obispo High School is a dynamic community of teachers, learners, parents and service providers dedicated to preparing youth for life beyond high school, while at the same time meeting the challenges of today. Our motto for the 2013-2014 school year is “Hear the Growl, See the Prowl!” As always, we will continue to strive for excellence in everything we do. Go Tigers!


Welcome to San Luis Obispo High School! The school staff and I enthusiastically look forward to working with you and your parents for your continued personal and academic growth. I hope that you are looking forward to the excitement and challenge of the 2012-2013 school year.

Society’s expectations have changed high school education. Parents and students want more from their schools than just high academic standards. In fact, we have three agendas for our school:

  1. Academic Programs
  2. Social and Personal Development Programs
  3. Recreational/Athletic Programs

Through these programs we hope to meet the needs of the whole student.

The staff at SLOHS and I have a strong commitment to a rigorous core program of study, ensuring that students at  SLOHS will be the best educated in our school’s history. We have developed five Essential Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) to ensure that our students are academic achievers and lifelong learners; responsible community citizens; healthy individuals; complex thinkers; and effective communicators when they graduate.

Your education is an important experience. The best possible educational environment will be provided for your intellectual, moral, social and physical growth. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the numerous educational opportunities available to you at San Luis Obispo High School. In order to maximize these opportunities, I suggest you concern yourself with the three important “A’s” of the school’s program – ACADEMICS, ACTIVITIES AND ATHLETICS.

  • ACADEMICS - The primary role of high school is to help you grow intellectually and prepare for the future. Make up your mind to study hard, to fulfill your classroom obligations and to discover your intellectual strengths and weaknesses. Accept your responsibility to study and learn. Make a commitment to the rigor and discipline of learning.
  • ACTIVITIES – Participation in activities is an essential element of a successful high school experience. You are fortunate to be a member of a student body that has an excellent activities program. It is our hope that you will participate in our school-sponsored social, club and student government activities.
  • ATHLETICS - San Luis Obispo High School is superior athletically, a fact demonstrated each year by the success of our athletic teams. We hope that you will get involved either as a participant or as a loyal supporter.

Above all, good citizenship is required. Attend class regularly and be punctual. Respect the rights of others, dress properly, help us maintain a safe, clean campus, obey your teachers and do your very best to learn.

I can promise that if you commit yourself to positive self-improvement and personal growth, your years at San Luis Obispo High School will be among the happiest years of your life.

Enjoy your high school years!

SLO High Leslie O'ConnorLeslie O’Connor,