Clubs & Organizations

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) approves social and fundraising activities, promotes communications and involvement within the club program, and reviews proposed constitutions for new clubs. The ICC is composed of members of each approved organization and club on campus and is led by the ICC Chair


<td? Mrs. Delkeskamp

<td? Mrs. Delkaskamp

    American Sign Language    Mrs. Nusbaum
    Associated Student Body (ASB)     Mr. Johnson
    Auto Club     Mr. Lehmkuhl
    AVID     Ms. Delkeskamp
    Band and Color Guard     Ms. Jeskey
    Cheer     Ali Montell & Annette Pickett
    Choir     Ms. Chester
    Drama Club     Mrs. Stephens
    ELA     Ms. Delkeskamp
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
    FFA     Mrs. Bates & Mrs. Evans
    FHA-HERO     Mrs. Washmuth
    Friday Night Live     Mr. Jimmie Johnson
    Gay Straight Alliance   Ms. Bogust Tuesdays
    Geocaching     Ms. Endres
Harvard Model Congress
    Hiking     Mr. Hanson
    Iambic Pentameter     Mr. Stephens
    Interact Club     Mr. Coulumbe Wednesdays at lunch in the Lecture Demo Room
    International Club     Mrs. Dietrick
    KEY Club
    Large HS Collider     Mr. Coulombe
    Latin Club     Mr. Weinschenk
    MEXA (Movimiento Estudiantil  Xicano de Aztlan)     Ms. Delkeskamp
    Mini Wargaming     Mr. Coulombe
    Mock Trial Ms. Fuller
    National Honor Society     Mr. Bristol
    Robotics     Ms. Fetcho
    Rugby     Mr. Franklin
    Skills USA     Mr. Fay
    SLOHS Expressions Newspaper     Mr. Nairne
    SOS     Mrs. Ingles
    Swing Dancing     Ms. Bombolo
    Technology Club     Mrs. Fetcho Meets on Fridays
    Twinkle Action (TWAC) Mr. Johnson & Ms. Stephens
    Vinyl     Ms. di Santo
    Welding Manufacturing Club     Mr. Fay
    Yearbook     Mr. Nairne