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Annually (and most likely, much more often than that) your child will meet with his counselor to discuss his Educational and Career Plan as part of the Registration process. Graduation Requirements, UC/CSU Admission Requirements, and Career Goals & Options will be discussed. All of the following information specific to SLOHS can be found in the Tiger Topics Parent Handbook. However, we’ve also included some helpful links and information to various sites on the web for students interested in researching and applying to 2- and 4-year colleges including colleges search engines, UC and CSU applications, The Common Application and NCAA & NAIA Guidelines and Regulations.

“How do I decide where to go?” - Accessing this site is an excellent way to begin your college search if you are interested in attending college in California. All UC, CSU, Community College, Private, and Independent Colleges in California are linked to this comprehensive website. It allows you to compare California colleges, explore campuses, receive financial aid information, check admissions requirements, and calculate your college GPA. Another very practical feature found on this site is the High School Planner. By creating an account, students can enter and track their courses and grades beginning in the 9th grade. When they apply to the CSU system as Seniors the courses and grades will automatically transfer to their application! …plans are in the works to bring the UC system on board as well. CHECK it OUT!

The US News and World Report ranking of colleges and universities, more commonly known as “ America’s Best Colleges,” will help you find excellent descriptions of thousands of schools along with links to their websites. For a subscription fee, you can use their search engine as well as gain access to what is probably the most reliable database for researching and comparing colleges based on average freshman GPAs, and SAT/ACT scores. 

The Princeton Review has created a college search engine called  Counselor-O-Matic which allows you to input your grades, test scores, and extracurricular info along with your school preferences to help you find the right college.

Peterson's is one of the most well known and comprehensive college ranking and information services. They provide an excellent college search program along with access to many online applications. 

“Where do I go to Apply?”

Our very own local community college and one of over 100 community colleges in California, Cuesta College is an excellent choice for many local grads for many reasons. About 40% of SLOHS grads choose to attend Cuesta with the goal of transferring to a university or earning an AA or certificate. All SLOHS Seniors will apply to Cuesta in their English 12A classes as part of their 12th Grade Career Curriculum. Cuesta is also a great place to take college courses during high school, students interested in this option should sign up to see their counselor. 

The California Community College Online Application Center gives students one place to begin the application process to any California Community college and is an excellent source of information for community colleges outside of our local area. Visit Now.

ASSIST - This site maintains a database that allows parents and students to check the transferability of community college credits to all of the California State Universities (CSU) and the University of California (UC). This is the official articulation site for the California Community College, the CSU and UC. Transfer agreements between these institutions are available at this website.

The California State University (CSU) system has established a system wide homepage that provides links to all the CSU campus websites. School comparisons by region, SAT/ACT scores, major, and GPA are available. CSU applications must be submitted through this site. Students at all grade levels will find this site useful especially if they access the Plan For College tab and use the High School Planner tool. This tool asks students to create an account, then they can enter and track their courses and grades beginning as early as the 9th grade. When they apply to the CSU system as Seniors, the courses and grades will automatically transfer to their application! …plans are in the works to bring the UC system on board as well.

The University of California (UC) system has established the following Pathways site for all electronic application/admission information for the UC system on the Internet. This site contains links to all UC campus websites; high school “a-g” lists as well as Junior College Transfer Agreements.



Enrichment and Gap Year Information

The Common Application is a not-for-profit membership organization that, since its founding over 30 years ago, has been committed to providing reliable services that promote equity, access, and integrity in the college application process. The Common Application is accepted by over 350 independent colleges and universities. Many schools accept it as the sole application document, while others will require a supplemental form of their own to complete the application process. Students complete one Common Application and then indicate to which member schools they would like it sent.  Access this site to see which schools are members and to apply. 

“Is there anything special I need to do if I want to play sports in college?”

The NCAA Eligibility Center provides prospective Division I and Division II student-athletes and parents with important information about the college recruitment and eligibility process. Student-athletes must access this site to register for the NCAA Clearinghouse, as early as spring of their junior year.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is an alternative collegiate athletic organization to the NCAA. The NAIA recruitment process is less complicated and has fewer restrictions and qualifications. For current freshmen eligibility regulations and information on NAIA member schools visit their website.

Additional Career/College Information

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