Letters of Recommendation

Almost all Private, Independent & Out-of-State colleges require letters of recommendation. Typically these letters need to come from a teacher and/or counselor, and you must also request that your counselor complete a School Report and a Mid-Year Report. Writing a fabulous letter of recommendation is a time consuming task for teachers and counselors and most are inundated with requests, especially in November and December! Each letter deserves adequate time and attention, especially yours!!

Here are some helpful hints:

1. The UCs & CSUs do not require, nor will they accept letters of recommendation.

2. Most private colleges require both recommendations AND transcripts; it is good practice to make one request.

3. Many schools now require an online posting of the letter of recommendation. Please be sure to get the teacher and/or counselor all the correct login and deadline information.

4. Most applications for scholarships will also require recommendations and transcripts; it is good practice to make one request.

5. When requesting a teacher recommendation, please ask the teacher at least two weeks in advance.

Use the attachments below to aide you in providing personal data to the teacher or counselor that is writing your Letter of Recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation Form

WORDS for Letters of Recommendation

Writers Letter of Reference

Brag Sheet