Principal's Message

SLO High School

San Luis Obispo High School, which opened in 1895, is one of three high schools in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District. The SLOHS campus is located on the east side of San Luis Obispo, nestled against the coastal foothills, providing a sweeping view of the city from the upper campus.

The school serves the communities of San Luis Obispo, Avila Beach, and the outlying farming and residential areas. The district is an open enrollment district, so students from Los Osos/Baywood Park and Morro Bay also attend the school. San Luis Obispo High School received full accreditation in 2012, and compares favorably to the top high schools in the state.

Students are prepared to explore their career goals, whether their plan is to attend college or join the workforce after high school. SLOHS provides six curricular pathways to meet the needs of all students. Students are on a trimester schedule, which allows them to take fifteen classes a year. As a reflection of community values that heavily emphasize the importance of education, approximately 85% of graduates matriculate to four-year colleges and universities or community colleges.

The mission of SLOHS is to provide all students with a comprehensive program that will enable them to function with integrity, confidence and competence as they encounter life’s challenges.

We believe all students can learn and that all students can be successful. We believe all students deserve equal access to quality education which develops a well-rounded person. We believe students need excellent role models and that learning is a life-long process.

Employee Code of Conduct

This code of conduct guides professional conduct with professional and ethical implications. It embraces the fundamental belief that the student is the foremost reason for the existence of the profession. Professional educators promote the development of character and civic responsibility of learners to explore ideas, to develop skills, and to acquire knowledge necessary to be contributing members of society.

#1: Equity

Professional educators advocate for the practice of equity by assuring equal access to educational opportunities for each individual. They recognize and address the uniqueness of each student and provide the appropriate educational supports and personalization of the educational experience.

#2: Mutual Respect

Professional educators respect the inherent dignity and worth of each individual. Educators deal considerately and justly with each student and seek to resolve problems.

#3: Diversity

Professional educators promote and respect diverse cultures by honoring and valuing individual differences and supporting the strengths of all individuals. They have the responsibility to present facts and provide access to all points of view without distortion, bias, or personal prejudice.

#4: Integrity

Professional educators behave in a trustworthy manner by ensuring confidentiality, demonstrating honesty, and maintaining a professional relationship with students at all times. They follow generally recognized professional standards and exercise sound professional judgment