Support Greta


It’s impossible to not love Greta Schultz, a lunch lady at San Luis Obispo High School.  She brings warmth and love to our Cafeteria.. Four months ago, Greta Schultz was diagnosed with two brain aneurysms. After surgery, she developed Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular disease which inhibits her ability to eat, speak, and walk. Greta is currently facing unbelievably expensive medical bills, so our ASB has begun a campaign to raise funds to support this woman who has individually impacted so many students at our school. Greta is a member of our Tiger family, and with compassion and generosity we can change her life for the better.

Please, if you feel so obliged, check out the Go-Fund-Me we created,

Please show support and appreciation for her with your donation. Thank you!