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Mathematics Sections

Mathematics Electives

Department Instructional Leader

a photo of Ryan Perez

Ryan Perez
Subjects: Geometry, AP Stats

Mathematics Staff

a photo of Steven Arata

Steven Arata
Subjects: Applied Math, Algebra II

a photo of Rylee Birdsall

Rylee Birdsall
Subjects: Algebra I

a photo of Blake Bristol

Blake Bristol
Subjects: Algebra I, AP Calculus

a photo of Annamarie Fella

Annamarie Fella
Subjects: Geometry

a photo of Kyle Fintel

Kyle Fintel
Subjects: Precalculus, Precalculus Honors

a photo of David Gomes

David  Gomes
Subjects: Algebra I, Algebra II

a photo of Jimie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson
Subjects: Geometry Honors, AP Calculus

a photo of Nicole Linman

Nicole Linman
Subjects: Algebra II, Algebra II Honors

Scott Rosenblum
Subjects: Precalculus, Algebra II

Ethan McSwain
Subjects:  Geometry, Geometry Honors

Joseph Fantazia
Subjects:  Algebra 1

Luke Mayberry
Subjects:  Algebra 1 9, Algebra 2

Tyker LaSalle
Subjects: Geometry. Algebra

a photo of Maria Ramirez-Camacho

Maria Ramirez-Camacho
Subjects: Algebra I, Algebra II

a photo of Craig Winninghoff

Craig Winninghoff
Subjects: Geometry, APEX Online