Tardy and Cut Policy & Sat School dates


Call: 596-4040, ext. 31936, ext. 31976 or for Spanish ext. 31975 (AFTER SCHOOL HOURS - REMEMBER TO PRESS “2”, WAIT FOR THE PROMPT, THEN DIAL THE EXTENSION)

The student is responsible for having his/her parent telephone the school on the day he/she is absent from school. Please use the 24-hour absence reporting telephone line; leave a brief message including:

  • The student’s name
  • Date(s) and/or periods of absence
  • Reason for absence
  • Name of caller and relationship to student
  • Daytime phone number of caller

Absences not cleared within TWO (2) DAYS of the student’s absence will be considered CUTS and may affect the student’s academic grade.

While San Luis Obispo High School staff may reasonably base verification on telephone conversations (and notes), which we have no reason to disbelieve, we may not accept an excuse if we have personal knowledge that provides a basis for a reasonable certainty that the excuse is false. When significant doubt occurs, we shall seek further confirmation.

What to Do when Your Student Must Leave Campus During the School Day for an Outside Appointment

As a reminder, this is the procedure we have adopted when a student must leave campus during the school day: Send a written note with your child. He/she will take it to the Attendance Office in the morning. The attendance staff will compare the parent’s signature on the note with the signature on the information card on file for your student. If the signatures match, the student will be given a slip authorizing them to leave campus. If the signature does not match, a phone call will be made to the parent(s) to verify the note. Hopefully this phone call will not be necessary.

An alternative to the written note is a parent may come to the office to pick up the student at any time during the day. Arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the time the student must leave will allow the office staff to efficiently process your request.

Please DO NOT call the office with a request to release your student.

Only Written Notes or Parent Pick-Up Will Be Accepted As Valid Requests for Students to Leave Campus During the School Day.

Sending Messages to Students

We ask that you make all transportation arrangements with your student before he/she leaves home in the morning. It is a good idea to arrange a contingency plan for your student in the event the usual after-school transportation changes unexpectedly during the school day. Similarly, we ask that you communicate all appointments your student may have during or after the school day before he/she leaves home in the morning. WE DO NOT SEND MESSAGES TO STUDENTS. (Messages will only be sent to students under emergency circumstances.)

Deliveries to Students

If your student has forgotten school materials or personal items and suspects that you may have dropped them off for them, please have them check the Attendance Office to see if they are there. We are happy to hold any deliveries, though we cannot be responsible for them after one school week. We are not in a position to deliver items to your student or to send a message to him/her saying that they’ve been dropped off.

Independent Study
Students who may miss 5-20 consecutive days of school may enroll in SLOHS Independent Study program with their counselor in order to excuse their attendance. Parent/Guardian and student must meet with their counselor 10 days prior to their absence to sign their Independent Study Contract. During this meeting, students will be informed of the necessary steps in which to gather and return their work for attendance approval.