ELAC Meetings

Parents, students, and community members are invited to ELAC meetings. The purpose of ELAC is to facilitate communication between the school, parents, students, and community members to support and consolidate the success of English Learners.

Supplemental Support for English Learners

Ms. Sonji Garcia is in Room 134 , during and after school hours to assist and translate to students and parents.

In the library of 3: 15-4: 15, help is offered in all subjects

The math lab is open Monday morning, before school, and Monday through Thursday after 3:10 p.m. in room 100.

Help to pass the "Exit Exam" can be requested

Help is available for your student to prepare and pass the California State Exit Exam, a requirement to earn a diploma. Contact your counselor for more information.

Weekly report of qualifications

Every Thursday, the student can take a form at the counseling office, and ask teachers for their grades.

If necessary we can provide the student with a pass to take the city bus, as an alternative transportation, if you are interested in taking advantage of some of these opportunities.

List of Important Resources for Children's Development

List 40 steps to developing good health, and to help youth be careful and responsible. (This list is available in English and Spanish on the school website)

Healthy Families

Offers low-cost health insurance for children and adolescents. Provides health insurance for dentist and other visits, and for students who are uninsured and unable to obtain Medi-Cal.

Mental Health Services

Therapy, medications, support groups, and work groups to meet the mental health needs of the Spanish-speaking community. These services are free. Contact Dr. Silvia Ortiz at (805) 788-2136.

Dictionaries for students

We have new dictionaries and each student can get one for their personal use: a) The Longman Basic English Dictionary for Levels 1-3 on the CELDT exam, and b) The American English Longman Dictionary for levels 4-5 in CELDT exam.

Volunteers to help with classes:

Parents and community members who are proficient in English offer to help each student individually. If you are interested in volunteering, call Mr. Leebrick or Ms. Garcia at 596-4040.


Several scholarships to continue your education after graduation and attending college are available to 12th grade Latino students. Interested students may go to the Career Center to obtain an application or contact Ms. Heidi Leal.