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Community Service

Community Services Guidelines

  • Service must be voluntary, unpaid and on the student own time, not during school hours.
  • There must be a service agency, or a supervisor with a representative who can contacted to confirm service and sign form.
  • The Service Agency Representative cannot be the student, or a relative of the student.
  • The service is performed outside of one's family, i.e. babysitting, housecleaning, caring for a grandparent, helping a neighbor etc. are not eligible. They are being a good person.
  • The service is conducted for a nonprofit agency such as a youth sports program, community program (YMCA), Recreation Department, Boy Scouts, EOC, Area Agency on Aging, the Children's Museum, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities such as participating in a sport or activity not offered by the school does not qualify (club sports, Boy Scout meetings, 4- H meetings, piano recitals, dance performances).
  • Internships and political campaigns are not considered community service. Organizing a voter registration drive is.
  • Just because you work for free, does not mean it is community service. If you work for a business, a doctor, etc., you are not performing community service. To be sure your hours will count, work for NON-PROFIT organizations. Places like the YMCA or senior citizen homes are ideal.
  • Performing religious activities, like singing in a church choir, do not count for community service. If the choir goes to perform for a senior citizens home, that is  community service.
  • A fundraising activity is not considered community service unless the money is being collected for a non-profit charity.
  • The maximum amount of service hours a student can earn in one 24 hour period is twelve (12) hours.

Report Hours

To report your Community Service Hours, click here.

Please make sure you are reporting proper community service hours.